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On The Road With Uninsured Motorists


A car accident is a shocking event, even when damages are minimal and there are no serious injuries. But at least the insurance company should pay for your vehicle repairs – if you have the right policy. Thankfully, we know car insurance and we want to help you get the coverage that’s best for you before you need it.

When the Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

The issue of fault may play a significant role in what happens in the aftermath of an accident. In a no-fault state, the issue of fault is not considered, and each driver is responsible for damages to their vehicle and injuries to their passengers regardless of who caused the accident. No-fault laws also restrict your ability to sue the other driver for damages. Most states, however, have some form of comparative fault law. The degree to which each driver was responsible for the accident affects the percentage that each will pay for damages. But what if the other driver doesn’t carry auto insurance at all?

Knowing Your Options: Accidents with Uninsured Motorists

State driving laws can change from year to year but motorists are required to have liability insurance in most states. Despite the law, an estimated 1 out of every 7 drivers on the road is driving uninsured and this number increases during a period of economic downturn. Some drivers purchase insurance just long enough to get a vehicle registered and then cancel the policy or find other ways to drive without insurance.

If you were in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, then you may be concerned about paying for costly damages to your vehicle and the medical bills from injuries suffered in an accident. In a state that recognizes fault, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the other driver. However, the time and costs associated with filing and winning a lawsuit may leave you with very little at the end of the day. Uninsured motorists rarely have many assets and may be unable to pay, even when ordered by the court.

Coverage that Protects You

Fortunately, there is one way to ensure that you don’t end up paying out-of-pocket for the costs of an accident with an uninsured motorist: purchase additional coverage to protect yourself. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you against being financially responsible for an accident that wasn’t your fault, or when the responsible driver does not carry sufficient coverage to pay your damages.

Adding uninsured/underinsured motorist protection costs just a fraction of your auto liability insurance. And with so many uninsured drivers sharing the road, you owe it to yourself and your family to have coverage to protect against this very real risk.

To make sure that you are not left paying for another driver’s irresponsible actions, talk to us about your auto insurance options today. We are a local agency, and work hard to find the best auto insurance policies for our clients. We are happy to review your current policy and find out if there is better coverage at a lower price available.

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